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Natural Black Seamless Clip-In

Natural Black Seamless Clip-In

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Transform your look in an instant with our Natural Black Seamless Clip-In! Designed with natural black tones and a seamless finish, this clip-in is perfect for adventurous individuals who love taking risks and trying new styles. Get ready to challenge your hair game with ease and confidence!

Tracks Include 9 Seamless Pieces:

2 x 9” wefts with 3 clips

3 x 7” wefts with 3 clips

2 x 5” wefts with 3 clips

2 x 3” wefts with 3 clips

Please take note that our Seamless Clip-In Extensions incorporate a silicone base, which does not respond to dyeing. Consequently, the extensions will retain their original color even after the dyeing process.

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